Local Ceredigion Pork

Our pork is primarily produced from the pure Welsh pigs at Penlan Farm, where the farmer has a lifetime’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in pig farming. They are bred especially to meet our specification, to a size and type that suits our customers. Our pigs produce a well marbled meat, giving excellent flavour and succulence and will have a light covering of fat to ensure that the flavour and moisture is retained during cooking to give a succulent and tasty joint. Our Home-Cured Gammon and Bacon is prepared and cured at our own Butchery Unit. We produce a range of unique speciality pork products, such as our award-winning Treacle Cured Bacon and Dry Cured Bacon. We also have an extensive range of award-winning homemade sausages.   Our own cured ham is prepared in-house and cooked on site to produce our True Taste Gold Award Home Boiled Ham.

One of the most satisfying things I take from the shop is seeing how much our customers enjoy our own-recipe and unique produce

Rob Rattray

Local Ceredigion Pork

  • Bone & Rolled Leg of Pork
  • Rack of Pork
  • Bone & Rolled Loin
  • Pork Chops
  • Pork Steaks
  • Pork Tenderloins
  • Stuffed Pork Tenderloins
  • Belly Pork
  • Smokey BBQ Pork Steaks
  • Chinese Pork Steaks
  • Chinese Belly Pork Rib
  • Pig’s Liver
  • Pork Spare Rib Chops


  • Traditional Pork Sausage
  • Pork & Leek Sausage
  • Pork, Spring Onion & Chives
  • Pork, Honey & Mustard
  • Pork, Garlic & Wild Mushroom
  • Pork, Ginger & spring Onion
  • Pork & Cider
  • Pork & Garlic
  • Mr Urdd Sausage
  • Six Nations (seasonal)
  • Welsh Dragon Sausage
  • Versuvius Sausage
  • “Slimmers” Sausage

Bacon & Gammon

  • Rob’s Own cured Back Bacon
  • Rob’s Own Treacle Cured Back Bacon
  • Rob’s Own Treacle Cured Collar Bacon
  • Rob’s Own Cured Gammon Steak
  • Rob’s Own Cured Streaky Bacon
  • Rob’s Own Cured Bacon Rib
  • Danish Gammon Steak
  • Dutch Back Bacon
  • Dutch Smoked Back Bacon
  • Our Cured Gammon Joints
  • Dry Cured Gammon Joint
  • Danish Gammon Joints